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Maison-N® Paris

A tandem of architects between France and Japan


Our Paris-based architectural office accompanies you throughout the design process. From the sketch to the construction, we make it a point of honor to harmonize balance of forms and comfort of use. We design both the architecture and the interior decoration. From Paris to Tokyo, we place dialogue at the heart of our work, whether it be construction or renovation projects, artistic collaborations, or territorial studies. Both delicate and meticulous, our work is inspired by a mix of French and Japanese culture and experience.


Sensitive to all forms of art, our office is constantly looking for new experiments. We express our creativity through the design of limited edition objects. Produced internally or during collaborations, these productions are an integral part of our architectural creation process. Paintings, art objects, textiles and decorations can be designed on demand. Our artistic research focuses on recycling, reuse and reprocessing of materials between France and Japan.

Urban Design

Maison-N is a multidisciplinary Parisian agency that accompanies project leaders in their territorial development studies. Thanks to the diversity of artistic and architectural fields of creation, we take an innovative look at the urban planning process. We have at heart to highlight the territories and their inhabitants. To do so, we rely on architecture, events and education in order to realize urban projects in phase with their environment.

Maison-N® is above all the association of two personalities : Sanae Nicolas and Alexandre Nesi. Their first meeting took place in Kyoto during a university exchange at the Kyoto Institute of Technology. Sanae immersed herself in the world of art and decoration, while Alexandre focused on architecture and urban planning. A few years later, with the strength of their acquired experience, the duo met again to put their skills in dialogue with the creation of Maison-N®. Together, Maison-N and Maison-N+ form a creative tandem to develop unique and delicate projects between France and Japan.


23, rue custine 75018 Paris



Sanae :

The art of reinventing architectural representations

A 2016 graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris la Villette, Sanae explores new ways of imagining architecture. Having grown up between France and Japan, she brings her two countries of heart into dialogue in her artistic practice. While studying Japanese language and civilization in Tokyo, Sanae produced her first works at the border between language, image, translation and construction. Luxury brands such as Hermès now use her scenographic sensitivity and illustrations to decorate their windows or during international events.


combines the disciplines of art, design and creative development.


Alexandre :

Making architecture as an art object

Alexandre graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles in 2015. He then wishes to associate the fields of architecture and craft through entrepreneurial and creative projects between France and Japan. For him, architecture and art are tools that reinforce the dialogue between local integration and openness to foreign countries. During his years of practice within the architecture and urban planning agency L’AUC, Alexandre acquired experience in territorial studies and development projects. Today, he puts his expertise at the service of Maison-N®.


is specialized in architecture and urban design.



develops artistic creation related to image and design.



is specialized in architecture and urban design.



AOC Faugères

Cheval Plus

Cloud Lobby

Gojo Mall Gallery

Hermès France

Hermès International

Hermès Sellier


Jacques Ripault Architectes

Julia Boucachard, Moricafe

La Compagnie Fortuite

La Licorne


MCO Corporation


Nicolas PROFIT

Nikken Sekkei Illustration Studio

PLI – La revue

Sanki Shoji - Old England

La Tengo




Sirine AMMAR (artist and journalist)

Camille COSSON (SEO content writer)

Côme DI MEGLIO (artist)

Mylène ESCANDE (graphist and ceramist)

Cécile GRAY (fashion designer)

Fabrice IDIART (chef)

IMI Productions (video producer)

L’Atelier Du Bouilleur (craftman distiller)

Stéphanie LY (textile designer)

Collectif Mains d’Œuvres (event diffuser)

Robin MARGERIN (artist and welder)

Taichi MURAKAMI (architect designer)

Pierre NESI (chef)

Thierry PAPEREUX (chocolate maker)

Jean-Christophe QUINTON (architect)

Pierre RIPAULT (event manager)

Delphine ROQUE (architect)

Marie Yae SUEMATS U(ceramist)

Tatsuya SUGIMOTO (architecte)

Katia WYSZKOP (head decorator)


Architecture School of Paris La Villette

Architecture School of Versailles

Kyoto Institute of Technology

Seika University

Université Waseda

La Maison de la Culture du Japon

Centre d’Etudes Européennes du Japon en Alsace

Paradise AIR Art residence

IMI Creative(this website builder)